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Perfect Mother’s Day Pick – Personalized Jewelry by Danielle Stevens

by Leanne

Cn-42%20(Medium)%20(Custom) Before I was a mom, I used to love things monogrammed with my initials.  But, it seems like the day my daughter was born, my initials seemed much less important to me.  I was no longer defined by my own name, but rather who I was in the world: a mother.  After a long search for a charm that I could engrave with my baby’s initials, I finally gave up and decided that I would wait until I just happened upon something, because it felt like there was nothing out there that seemed quite right.  And, seven months later I happened upon Danielle Stevens’ line of initial necklaces that ended my search for good. 

But, don’t get me wrong, Danielle Steven’s does more than make monogrammed jewelry – they have a full line of necklaces, earrings and bracelets that is a cross between funky and classic, and entirely beautiful.  And as much as I love their entire line, I just keep coming back to the Engraved Jewelry.  They are simple, understated and elegant and they go with just about outfit you can put together.  Barely making it out of sweats now that baby arrived?  You will be happy to know that dressing up is not required.  Which is good because any necklace for a new mom that involves dressing up is as good as a dust collector, right?

AQUARIUS%20(Medium) Are initials not your thing?  Hubby (or you) can get you a Zodiac necklace with either your astrological sign or your baby’s for a fun new take on personalized jewelry.  They are all gorgeous and I love them all, which is great because I can’t remember what sign is my baby’s.  Which leads me to my one suggestion to the web designers at Danielle Stevens, and that would be to add a Zodiac chart on the site that spells out what dates each of the signs are for.  Please, take pity on poor hubby.  There’s no amount of apologizing that can make up for a wrong astrological sign necklace being wrapped up for Mother’s Day.  Completely unfair, but completely true.

Intricate and delicate patterns combined with beautiful jewels and fresh designs make Danielle Steven’s collection my newest obsession, and I am in good company.  Countless celebrities have recently been seen flaunting their Danielle Stevens jewelry and it was recently seen on American Idol worn by Lil Rounds.  Now, I’m not an American Idol fan (which is very un-American of me to admit) but I am a fan of Danielle Steven’s beautiful line of necklaces, bracelets and earrings and think you will be, too.  Check out Danielle Steven’s website and choose your favorite piece.  You can save it to your wishlist or really help hubby out and email your favorites directly to his inbox.  Or you could just send hubby directly to:
Price: $42 (Zodiac) to $85 (Engraved with quartz drop and pearls), which makes them incredibly reasonable and way nicer than anything you can pick up at a mall jeweler. 

Looks: Gorgeous, striking and elegant.  Just like you.  (Hey hubby, I just wrote your card for you).

Overall:  Perfect for any mom whether this is her first Mother’s Day or her 50th.  The one drawback?  You have to plan ahead for personalized jewelry and allow 2-3 weeks for anything engraved.  The Zodiac necklaces are a good option if hubby procrastinates like I do. 

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Sarah April 21, 2009 - 2:30 pm

I love Danielle Steven’s! I totally want her Zodiac necklace for MD!

Kelly August 1, 2017 - 8:29 am

I ordered a necklace from Danielle Stevens for Mother’s Day in April. It is now August and I still have not received my necklace despite numerous phone calls and emails to the company (some of which just went completely unanswered). The most recent phone call I was told the necklace was going out that day with expedited shipping. Six days later I still haven’t received my necklace. No offer to reduce the cost or credit back my money (which they charged in April) has been offered. I would NEVER order another thing from this company.


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